Thanks to our new catering concept, we now prepare food in a much more healthy way, so that we can support your healthy lifestyle and achieve the best results of treatment in our hotel. At the same time we want to continue to cook tasty and offer a wide choice of food. All our suppliers have been carefully selected and we now believe that the raw materials, which we use to prepare meals and drinks, are among the best that can be offered.


All our guests appreciate the open grand buffet restaurant Sorrento with a wide range of specialties from the Czech and international cuisine. The team of the grand buffet Sorrento Restaurant prepares a variety of delicacies that will satisfy your cravings every day.

Our professional nutrition specialist provides advice to clients with special dietary needs. A special diet corner and bio corner can be found in the grand buffet restaurant Sorrento.


The aura of luxury and exquisite cuisine floats in the restaurant La Bohème. It's a place where our guests are pampered with selected delicacies, the best champagne and a tempting wine list. All this in a luxurious space and atmosphere.

French cuisine is one of the most renowned in the world of gastronomy, characterized by precise preparation and careful treatment of food at a high level. Serving in several courses of small portions, accompanied by a selection of quality wines.